Fire Insurance

What is Fire Insurance?

Fire Insurance is an insurance protection for properties like houses, condominiums, apartments, buildings, and etc. This is an insurance protection for both the contents of the property and the property itself.

Is Fire Insurance a protection against fire only?

No. Under the Fire Insurance Policy, the insured may choose to get protected against typhoons, floods, earthquakes, water damages, sprinkler leakages, robbery and burglary, and etc.

Is Fire Insurance for residential or commercial establishments?


Houses are considered to be one of the most important assets anyone can own. For a small amount, have it protected against multiple perils that it can be exposed to.

Business owners have invested a lot to establish their dream businesses. They should not allow unforeseeable risks destroy everything. They should have it insured.



What is Bonds?

Bonds is a form of insurance that undertakes the legal obligation of one party to the other.

What is an Obligee and a Principal?

An Obligee is the entity entitled to receive a product, service or benefit. While the Principal is the entity that will deliver the product, service, or benefit.

What are the requirements before we can purchase a bond?

The requirements will depend on the type of bond you will purchase. Please refer to this link for the complete requirements:


Motor Car Insurance

What’s the difference between Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance versus Comprehensive Car Insurance?

A Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance or CTPL for short is a mandatory insurance coverage for all automotive vehicles before it can be registered with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). CTPL Insurance offers a Php100,000.00 death benefit to third party victims.
Comprehensive Car Insurance is an insurance protection against various possible losses the insured may suffer like carnapping, accidental collision, flood, property damage, medical expenses of passengers, and etc.

Can I buy CTPL Insurance and Comprehensive Car Insurance at the same time?

Yes, definitely. Although a comprehensive car insurance is not mandatory, it is wise to protect your hard-earned investment against various possible losses that you may encounter. Equivalent to a small percentage of your vehicle’s value, you can purchase a comprehensive car insurance and achieve a peace of mind.

What is deductible?

A deductible is a certain amount stated in the insurance policy that the insured must pay in case of a claim.

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