Commonwealth Insurance Company (CIC) was established in 1935 by Don Andres Soriano, who also founded San Miguel Brewery. Computed to be in its 7th decade, CIC is one of the most experienced insurers in the Philippines. Surviving the challenges of time, its ownership has been transferred from various hands until the present professional group of enterprising investors took over on October 7, 1997. These investors were ably led by Mario A. Noche, who eventually became the Chairman of the Board and concurrently the Chief Executive Officer and President of Commonwealth Insurance Company.

From the time the new management and owners took over, CIC had outperformed most of its competitors and still outperforming them now. It is today, one of the respected and recognized leaders in the insurance industry. CIC has been duly accredited by almost all universal, commercial, development, savings and rural banks together with leasing and financial institutions in our country. The continued growth and progress of CIC in the insurance industry could be principally attributed to its excellent service to its growing clientele through prompt settlement of valid claims and fast issuance and delivery of needed insurance policies to its clientele nationwide.

Under the present energetic and innovative management, CIC is committed to continue the legacy and tradition of quality service with a vision for excellence emulated and started by Don Andres Soriano.